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bride and bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaid.


by Revd. John N. Merrill

At present under English law, I am unable to do the legal side of marriage – you will have to make arrangement with your local Registry Office, for an official to do a very simple and short ceremony. This is to obtain your official marriage certificate, and should be done a day or two before the main ceremony. In the Registry Office service, you should not exchange rings or say your vows - These will be done in the proper service that I conduct. 

There is considerable work in getting everything right for the day, and I will liaise with you and the venue to ensure everything is perfect. We will also have a couple of rehearsals in the final days. A signed agreement is entered into for payment.

Distance is no problem for I conduct services in Britain and thoughout the world!

A recent wedding ceremony, I conducted, in Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, Chingford, Epping Forest, Essex. The lodge was built by Henry 8th. and is approx. 450 years old.

Wedding Ceremony in Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, Epping Forest. 450 year old building.

In September 2015, I conducted the first Marriage Ceremony in the newly restored City Hall in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Rolls Royce wedding car.

Thatched hut in the London Wetlands (Barnes) used for Wedding ceremonies- holds 40 people.