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John at the mnjument below Monseqneur in southern France, where 208 Cathar perfects and supporters were burnt to death.

Illustrated talks and lectures by 

Revd. John N. Merrill

Britain's leading Pilgrim.

John at the monument beneath Montsegnur on the Cathar Way - September 2011.

He has more that 300,000 slides so the permutations are numerous.

My fees are very reasonable and depend on the location etc.

I provide my own screen, projector, computer and extension flex.

I also have books for sale!

For further details and costs -

email - [email protected]

Latest Talks - 

Walking the Camino Ingles - 117km. The shortest camino but a beautiful one!

Cycling from Paris to Mont St. Michel & onto St. Malo - 340 miles. A fascinating story!

WALKING TO MONT ST. MICHEL - From Winchetser and from Caen - both a deep and meaningful walk/pilgrimages.

St. Albans Pilgrimage - three routes from London to St. Alban -36 miles - the original and first guide to the walk. Waltham Abbey to St. Albans - 25 miles. St Albans Pilgrimage day walk from Codicote, where Pilgrims stayed overnight before walking to St. Albans. A delightful 16 mile walk. All culminating to arrive of St. Albans feast day - July 22nd. and annual pilgrim parade.

LONDON TO OXFORD - John traces the little known pilgrimage walk to St. Frideswide Shrine in Oxford Cathedral and onto her healing well in Binsey.

The St. Gilles du Gard Pilgrimage walk - the fourth major pilgrimage walk in the world, in Southern France to St. Gillies. Fascinating history and beautiful scenery.

St. Cuthert's Way - the story of my walk from Melrose to Lindisfarne along this much loved routes via several abbeys and stunning mountains to the sand crossing to Holy Isle.

THE BON HOMMES WAY - The Path of the Good Men - 11 day walk following the route of the Cathars, from Foix in Southern France, over the Pyrenees to Berga, Spain. A stunning walk and talk!

Some other talks - 

Walking the Camino de Assisi - 320 km.

Planning a funeral.

The Cathar Way - to Foix - 250km.

Walking to Santiago -

- Le Puy to Santiago and Cape Finisterre - 1,100 miles

- The Silver Way - Seville to Santiago - 750 miles

- Through Portugal via Fatima - Lagos to Santiago - 650 miles.

English Pilgrimages -

- to Canterbury

- to Walsingham

- to St. Albans

- London Interfaith Walks

- Our Lady Pilgrimages

- Essex Pilgrimage destinations

Walking my way - the humerous story of his life, and how he is totally guided, walking some 216,500 miles so far.